Yapıdrom has the knowledge and experience of over 30 years of commercial activities along the Smart City Furniture has been transferred to industry. Since its inception, retail, information technology, and in 2011, our company operating in the automation sector, City Design, construction, focusing on information technology and advertising issues and Yapıdro City Design Construction Information Technology has established and advertising company. Yapıdro I 'founding purpose is to create smart cities combined with automation street furniture that are found in the city. We first smart bike rental system in a very intelligent urban systems we have already implemented the feasibility. With a medium-sized business sector in a short time, although it was established from the first moment you have the determination to succeed and the importance given to quality has been recognized this principle and never give up. Company unchangeable principle is always quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable prices. working with the principles of integrity and quality in the manufacture of success and service Yapıdro targets perseverance and trust that this road will proceed patiently.


“??imizi severek yap?yoruz.”

Belki de ba?ar?m?z?n sebebi de bu. Biliyoruz ki; ancak bir i?i sevdi?iniz zaman o alanda kendinizi daha da geli?tirmek ve daha ba?ar?l? olmak için çal???rs?n?z. 

We are constantly exploring and innovating to make our business better in our business." reas in which we operate whatever is new is trying to follow listening to our customers and they can be used and to be able to make life easier product / service we are trying to adapt. "We make excuses and the problem not the solution."He knows that the work we are trying to do a difficult job in implementing many projects at the same time we encounter many problems naturally. We are trying to produce an excuse not to find solutions to these problems. We are developing ourselves further when

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“Kendimize Güveniyoruz”

“Azimle ve sab?rla Çal???yoruz”

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